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Winterfat Yucca Flower Joshua Tree Flower Cliff Rose White Thistle
Desert Chicory
Rafinesquia Neomexicana
Desert Dandilion Daisy Fleabane Primrose White Aster
Daisy Whitebract Blazingstar Whitebract Blazingstar Jimson Weed Prickly Poppy
Paper Bag Bush Paper Bag Bush Snowball Verbena Lupine Desert Pincushion
Cryptantha White Forget me not Serviceberry Apache Plume Sitka Valerian
Valeriana Sitchensis
Spreading Dogbane Daisy Death Camas
W1 Old Plainsman
Gilia Beardtongue Deerbrush Wooly Daisies W2 Linanthus Nuttallii
Yellow Catspaw Wild Plum Flowers Apache Plume Serviceberry Hawthorn Blossoms
Whitemargin Sandmat Pearly Everlasting Serviceberry Wooly Daisies Yucca
Fremont Phacelia Desert Chicory W3 W4 Daisy Desertstar
W5 Snowball Verbena Primerose Utah Serviceberry W6
W7 Yellow Catspaw W8 Salvia Mohavensis W9
Rose-heath Cliff Rose Vernal Daisy Wooly Daisies Cliff Rose
W10 Blue Flax White Thistle Datura Prickly Poppy
Yellow Catspaw W11 W12 W13 Daisy
Sticky Starwort Heartleaf Bittercress W14 Hawthorn Blossoms Utah Serviceberry
White Clematis Flowers
Clematis ligusticifolia
Lemon Queen W15 Mariposa Lily W16
Columbine Columbine Queen Anne's Lace W17 Spring Beauty
W18 Mountain Lady's Slipper Orchid
Cypripedium Montanum
Cornus Canadensis
W19 W20
W21 W22 W23 W24 W25
W26 W27 W28 W29 W30
W31 W32 W33 W34 W35
W53 W54 W56 W57 W58
W60 W61 W62 W63 W64
W36 W37 Harriman’s Yucca Joshua Tree Flower Western Anemone
Anemone Occidentalis
Luetkea Pectinata
W38 Apache Plume Flower Yucca Flower Yucca Flower W39 W40
Cliff Rose Joshua Tree Flower Mountain Pepperplant
Lepidium Montanum
Desert Pincushion W41 Stevia Dusty-maiden
Chaenactis stevioides
Mojave Yucca Mojave Yucca White Forget Me Not
Cryptantha Spiculifera
Snowball Verbena White Forget Me Not
Cryptantha Spiculifera
Rock Nettle
Phlox Banana Yucca Flower Prickly Poppy Palmer's Penstemon Death Camas
W42 W43 Midland Shooting Star Monardella Odoratissima Spiranthes Cernua Cushion Buckwheat
W44 W45 Tufted Evening Primrose
Oenothera Caespitosa
W46 Cliff Rose W47
Echinopsis Giganta W48 W49 W50 W51 W52
W55 W66 W67      

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