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Ah Shi Sle Pah, New Mexico - It is amazing place for the hoodoos. There are so many hoodoos with red rock cap on it in large area of the dry wide river bed.
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Fantasy Canyon, Utah - Very detail oriented all kind shapes exist here, its located at the middle of the oil and gas fields
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Fly Geyser, Nevada - Amazing site, seems to another planet, it located in the private property
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Freezout Lake, Montana - It was amazing thing to see the tons of white geese fly simultaneously and blue sky changes to dark sky by geese all over the sky.
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Havasupai Falls, AZ - Adjacent to the Grand Canyon National Park and in the Indian Reservation, need to get a permit. Many variety of waterfalls and color of water is incredible.
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House on Fire, Mule Canyon, Utah - Amazing to see the fire frames going up from the ruin, cross the creek numerous times to get here
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Little Finland, Nevada - What looks like is totally up to you, use all your imagenations
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Mono Lake, California - Aamaizing active Tufa Towers formation site in the Mono Lake
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Shaman's Gallery, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona - The pictograph panel is located at the north side of the Tuckup Canyon, tough drive to get to the trailhead and strenuous hike to get there
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The Wave, Arizona - Aamaizing configulation with beauty, the permission to hike up here is only 20 people per day
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Trona Pinnacles, California - Aamaizing Tufa Pinnacles configulation in large sizes, this area was in the Searless Lake between 10,000 and 100,000 years ago
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Wahweap Hoodoos, Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, Utah - Visit early morning because this area becomes under the shade of the tall rock wall
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White Pocket, Arizona - Chaotically beautiful in large scale, some spots of road are over one foot of sand to drilve up to get here
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