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Photo Journal
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Peak List
Rock Art
Wild Flowers and Plants
Hot Springs in USA
Hot Springs in Canada Wooden Art Summer Travel
Travel USA & Canada
LVMC Classic 50 Peaks Hike Trail Maps National Parks in USA
Grand Canyon National Park
Death Valley National Park Across Canada Train Trip
Toronto to Vancouver
Vancouver Island UK - July 2011 UK - August 2011
Mushroom Hunting/Picking Frank Lloyd Wright
Designed Houses
AMTRUCK to Glenwood Springs
from Denver
Cancune, Mexico Kay's Original Watercolor
Japan Kay's Wonder of Colorado Colorado 14ers
(I have hiked 36 colorado 14ers)
Alaska Trip by Car
from Denver Colorado
Alaska Inside Passage Cruise
Kai's Photo Album World Heritage List North America
I have visited all 50 US states
I don't want to update this page

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